EverTeach intends to

"enable teachers & schools
with the state-of the art
teaching techniques &

EverTeach is a platform for grooming ideas and encouraging research in the field of education. It firmly believes that education is a process and everyone is a learner. Though the dimensions of education changes with the time, EverTeach will help teachers and students alike to tide through retaining the intrinsic values of Education.

EverTeach started with the idea to provide teacher training in training colleges and schools. Though, pandemic confined people at home but opened up numerous possibilities to run online. The benefit of running online courses is that it liberates the organizations and people from constraints of space and time. So with EverTeach, the teachers can learn at any time and anywhere. The same applies to students.

EverTeach is an open platform, whereby teachers can create their worksheets and Teaching plans for teaching. In addition there were webinars and podcasts on areas where teaching learning intervention is a challenge.